Art Direction, Editorial 
This project serves as a tribute to the celebrated designer Andrée Putman, tracing her remarkable career to inspire fellow designers with her innovative creations and projects. It also aims to introduce her influential work to a wider audience unfamiliar with her contributions. Throughout the book’s pages, Putman’s distinctive style, diverse projects, and remarkable adaptability to various spaces are highlighted, offering readers an immersive journey into the world of one of design’s most influential figures.

Inspired by Putman’s minimalist approach, I aimed to create a book that reflects her design philosophy. Drawing from her skillful blending of different textures in her designs, I incorporated this element into the book covers, crafting a minimalist yet textured design infused with character and depth. Utilizing the serigraphy technique, I aimed to create a visually impactful contrast, elevating the overall design aesthetic in line with Putman’s iconic style.



[WHAT] Graphic Design, Art Direction
[WHERE] Australia


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